Scene Study Classes:

My scene study class focuses on identifying and personalizing a character's driving intention and need, and helps actors connect their body, voice, mind and spirit through a series of playful explorations and practical methodologies. In this class, you will develop a toolbox of tools to help navigate the work in a playful, but rigorous way.


January 12 - March 9, 2020

January 12, 19, 26, February 2, 9, 16, 23, March 2 & 9

Time:  1-4pm EST

Location: Zoom

Fee: $425 (for those taking scene study with me for the first time)

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in this class (or future ones) and I will contact you as soon as possible.  


If you know of anyone you think may enjoy working with me, please send them a link to my website and have them contact me directly.

I am also available for private coaching for theater, film/tv & graduate/undergraduate school auditions.

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"Lisa coached me for a few film roles. Since you don't have the benefit of rehearsal in film, everything has to be prepared and worked on ahead of time, and you have to be ready to roll with whatever happens on the day. Lisa helped me delve into the specifics of the character and also guided me towards a practical set of circumstances to put in my belly on set so that the scenes could soar over and over again. She inspired me to be brave enough to dig deeper, and all the while she made me feel safe. Her gentle, grounded intelligence and her obvious passion for the creative process made my collaboration with her invaluable." - Carrie Preston, True BloodPerson of InterestCrowdedThe Good WifeThe Good Fight, and Claws

"My coaching stint with Lisa was shorter than I would have liked it to be but very memorable. Her sensitivity, warmth and thoroughness have enabled me to take old work and breathe new life into it. When I first moved to New York it was very unnerving to try and present myself in the industry with a foreign accent. Lisa made me feel comfortable in my own skin and in my own voice. She was so genuine in her work with me that I gained the confidence to push my limits, not just within my accent but beyond. I relish in her emphasis of finding the truth within the character, the truth within yourself, and getting them to talk to each other. She is not just a coach; she is a mentor with great insight and foresight." Lupita Nyong'o , Yale MFA alum (grad school audition coaching)

"Lisa was a huge help in preparing me for my first lead role in a film.  By an odd turn of events I found myself cast in a lead role in a film in Afghanistan by a very famous Afghan director.  The missing part for me is that I had not acted in many years.  Lisa's name came to me through a friend and Lisa was kind enough to take me into her class and work with me to loosen up whatever part of me thought I could still do this.  She is incredibly open and perceptive and has just the right balance of support and force to make me feel comfortable while at the same time challenging myself.  It all worked out really well as far as the film and her class gave me the confidence to trust myself while I was on the set and had no acting teacher except the merciless Afghan desert." - Peter Bussian, photographer and filmmaker (feature film debut in "Opium War", a film by Golden-Globe winning director Siddiq Barmak)

“Lisa Rothe is an incredible acting teacher. She has a very keen eye and can see past the surface of things very quickly. She will make you a better actor no matter what your experience level. She is very passionate about the work and knows how to help you get to it organically and honestly. It’s incredible to watch and even more gratifying to experience. You come out of her class knowing what you are good at, and where you need to improve. Besides being acutely perceptive and intuitive, she is also enthusiastic, supportive and constructive. She loves the work and her enthusiasm for it is infectious. Definitely one of the most helpful and passionate teachers I have ever had.”  - Laura Sheehy (scene study class and audition coaching)

One of the greatest gifts Lisa Rothe has given me is the gift of letting go.  She gave me the permission to leave myself alone and to just be.  When I came to her, I was busy trying to be someone else.  The someone who I thought everyone wanted me to be.  Lisa taught me to be both confident in what I know and when faced with something I didn't know, to run fearlessly towards it.  She allowed me to just breathe--both as an actor in this business and as a person living in this world.  As August Wilson said:  'Before one can become an artist one must first be.  It is being in all facets, its many definitions, that endows the artist with an immutable sense of himself that is necessary for the accomplishment of his task.  Simply put, art is beholden to the kiln in which the artist was fired.' I am filled with immense gratitude towards Lisa and will always feel in her debt."Devin Norik, NYU Graduate Acting MFA alum (gad school audition)

"When Lisa Rothe teaches an acting class she channels the pedagogical genius of her teachers and mentors:  Ron Van Lieu, Zelda Fichandler, Paul Walker.  She is incisive and empowering at the same time.  She projects internal calm as a teacher and inspires passionate energy from her students. Take her class. Change your life." - Timothy Thomas, NYU Grad Acting MFA alum  (scene study class)

"Lisa is an amazing teacher and coach.  From the moment she walks in the room, she creates an atmosphere that is supportive, professional, and fun.  I feel like her classes are full of possibility.  Her compassion for actors, her intelligence, and her leadership skills all create a space safe for risk, powerful dialogues, and personal growth.  I've come to see her class as more than just a place to practice; it's an artistic home and a creative community where I can get back in touch with the reasons I got into this work in the first place.  I cannot recommend her enough." - Jackson Moran, Yale MFA alum (scene study class)

"Lisa believes infectiously in her students and her heart is gently and powerfully available. I find myself centered when I work with her, truly able to expand creatively and to find truth and beauty in ways I hadn't discovered before meeting her. The effects of her coaching live in me outside of the sessions as well, inspiring me to dig deeper on my own and expand on ideas discovered through work and conversation. The encouragement by Lisa to open and balance a little bit more each time has lead to discoveries that are genuine and full. She is a trustworthy guide who loves the work and gives permission to fall in love with it too." Rina Dutta, NYU Grad Acting MFA 2020 (grad school audition coaching)

"Lisa was a phenomenal teacher.  Her empowering and insightful coaching pushed me to ground myself, to connect with my breath, to explore fearlessly, and to carve more specific actions.  Our sessions together opened an authenticity that I had not yet found in my work." - ​Ali Stoner - A.R.T. MFA (grad school audition coaching)


​"Lisa is absolutely wonderful! She provides a safe, open environment for you to explore and play with zero judgment. Lisa's guidance during my graduate school audition process made the whole experience less daunting and less overwhelming. Through her warmth and generosity, I was taught to approach my work with fervor, joy, and heart. She works tirelessly to ensure that your audition pieces are right for you and  that you are shining through each one. I walked into the audition room proud to share the work I had done with Lisa, confident that I was presenting the best version of me. There is no question that my acceptance into Brown University's MFA acting program would not have been possible without Lisa's brilliant insightful coaching."  - Peter Martin, Brown MFA (grad school audition coaching)

"Lisa has transformed every piece I’ve brought to her. After leaving one of her coaching sessions, I always feel more confident to perform my material with the most exciting, truthful, and nuanced interpretation that Lisa helped me find." - Lani Harms - Actress/Comedian (audition coaching)